Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pacific lighthouses

Cover exchange circuits give you sometimes the opportunity to receive fantastic covers. Here is an example of such nice surprise that I got thanks to the CCCC. I show you both side of the envelope so that you can appreciate how nice it is.

This is a first day cover bearing three stamps belonging to a set by USPS to celebrate lighthouses located on the Pacific coast. The complete set contains five stamps. The three stamps of the cover picture, from left to right :
- Grays Harbor Lighthouse, also known as Westport Lighthouse , the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington and one of the tallest on the Pacific Coast. It was dedicated in 1898.
- Five Finger Lighthouse located in Alaska. The construction on the original wood tower was completed in 1902 but a fire destroyed it in 1933. Two years later a new concrete tower with a black lantern was erected. The lighthouse was automated in 1984.
- Diamond Head Lighthouse is the last occupied light station in Hawaii. First lit in 1899, the original tower was replaced with a concrete lighthouse in 1917.
Here is a picture of the complete set, the two other stamps (not on the cover) picture Umpqua River lighthouse (Oregon) and St. George Reef lighthouse (California).

The design of modern stamps from USA is very often criticised by American philatelists and they are unfortunately right. But here, I must admit that those stamps are really beautiful don’t you think so ?
And the idea to use this illustrated cover was really a great idea.


Gulfmann Stamps Collection said...

So nice American lighthouse FDC.

Anonymous said...

Amazing cover!