Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh Canada !

Some days ago, I have called for help from my Canadian readers to get a copy of the new frog stamps issued by Canadian post. My call was answered by two persons !Heather, another frog stamp collector (yes I’m not alone ;-) ), sent me this great cover, franked with the endangered species souvenir sheet, enclosing also in the cover a mint copy. Thank you so much Heather ! I sent you an email but I don’t know if you got it.

The second to answer my call was Glenn. He sent me a copy of the souvenir sheet and the booklet also. Thank you so much Glenn. He sent me the whole stuff in a very very nice cover that I would like to show you

As you see the cover is franked with a souvenir sheet bearing one stamp. It was issued on the 22nd of June 2007 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Vancouver. Captain George Vancouver (22 June, 1757 – May 12, 1798) was an officer of the British Royal Navy who is mainly known for his exploration of North America, including the Pacific coast along Canadian province of British Columbia and the American states of Alaska, Washington and Oregon. He started his career very early, since at the age of fifteen he travelled aboard the HMS Resolution, on Captain James Cook’s second voyage. Various locations have been named after him, including Vancouver Island and the city of Vancouver, British Columbia.
The stamp of the souvenir sheet pictures George Vancouver seen from behind as he gazes towards a mountainous coastline. The designer of the stamp justifies his choice to picture the man like that by his will to “create a design that focused on the man itself, and captured the solitary and isolated position in which he found himself, geographically and personally”. The stamp also pictures a reproduction of Vancouver’s signature, on the left side. What can not be seen on the scan, is that the stamp is actually embossed, making it even more stunning. A very nice stamp and sheet. This is not the first time that Canada celebrates George Vancouver. A stamp issued in 1988 was illustrated with the routes of his explorations.

But this 2007 stamp is a first for Canadian post. This is the first time the face of the person commemorated is not shown on the stamp.

By the way, Glenn, who sent me this cover, has started an interesting quest : he would like to get a postcard from all countries of the world. So if you would like to help him in his quest, you can drop him a postcard. His address is written on the top left corner of the cover I showed above (clock on it to see it bigger, I did not hide it on purpose…). Thanks you in advance for him !

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