Thursday, October 04, 2007

New frog stamp from Canada

To mark the 2007 Stamp Collecting month the Canadian post has issued, on the 1st of October, the second set of stamps in a series of three picturing endangered species. The first set of this series, issued last year, was dedicated to terrestrial animals. This year the set concerns animals living in water : one of the stamps pictures a frog, so I’ll be very happy to be able to add one item to my collection ! The issue consists of four stamps. Here is the image of the stamps as shown on the Canada post website.

The animals that are pictured (out of the frog) are : a North Atlantic right whale, a leatherback turtle and a white sturgeon. The frog stamp pictures a Northern cricket frog (Acris crepitans). This is a rather small frog, living mainly in North America. This frog species is particularly endangered because of the pollution of their habitat by human activity. The stamps are also issued in the form of a booklet and a souvenir sheet.

This is the first time that Canada issues a stamps picturing an identifiable frog. And I think that this is the first time that this specific species is pictured on a stamp. So we have two “first” in one stamp.
If there are Canadian people reading my blog who would accept to help me to get those stamps/sheet/booklet, then I will be very happy to hear from them. Drop me a mail and let’s see what I can do for you in exchange.

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