Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cover from Czech Republic

(At last I have found a way, not too expensive, to go to Cardiff next weekend! So I will be in Cardiff from Friday to Monday. I hope France will beat New Zealand in the quarter final of the Rugby World Cup. But I’m not very optimistic…)

Some weeks ago I have written about a souvenir sheet issued by Czech Republic and picturing a frog in one corner. Lenka, who reads my blog, was kind enough to send me this souvenir sheet for my frog stamp collection. (Thank you very much Lenka. I owe you some stamps and cover. I don’t forget you, I just need to find some free time to send you something). To send me the sheet, she used a nice cover that I wanted to show you today. Here it is (for any reason my scanner was a bit disturbed by the cover. The balance is not correct and the cover looks a bit different in reality. I could not find a satisfying way to correct this wrong balance using Photoshop….)

The two stamps located on the right have been issued on the 10th of March 1999. This is a set about protected butterflies. The left stamp of the pair pictures a Catocala electa. Catocala is the name of a group of nocturne moths. As you see it has two pairs of wings : an upper wing with a rather dull colour and design, and a lower wing with very bright and nice colour. The upper wing is used to cover the second one for protection against predators. This is this particularity that gave the name to this group : Catocala comes from Kato (behind) and Kalos (beautiful).
The second stamp pictures en Euphydryas maturna, a butterfly that seems very rare, but on which I could not find any information.

The stamp located in the middle of the cover has been issued on the 9th of May 2007. It belongs to a series dedicated to the beauty of flowers, and pictures a cyclamen. This series from Czech Republic is a very nice definitive stamps series.

The last stamp, located on the left side was issued on the 10th of January 2007 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the creation of the Czech Technical University. The initiative for the establishment of a first technical college in the Central European region, the today's Czech Technical University in Prague, came from K. J. Willenberg as early as in 1705. The Emperor Joseph I marked his approval of it in the prescript dated from the 18th of January 1707. The Czech Technical University emerged in 1920 as a union of seven technical colleges. I’m not so sure to know what is pictured on the stamp : the emblem of the university ? Something else ?

Once again I’m pleased to see stamps and covers from Czech Republic. The stamp issuing policy and the quality of stamps are always impressive !

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Ilya said...

On the Czech Technical University you can see a logotype of university, see Blue color is typically using.