Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cover from Croatia

I have received many covers from many countries, but last week I have received my first cover from Croatia. So I was rather happy about it. Here it is.

Both stamps are from 2006. The one on the left is the Christmas stamp issued on the 27th of November. It pictures an altar stone screen “Nativity” from the parish church of St. Stephen in Luka Šipanska, dated from the 15th century and painted by Venetian painter Pantaleone. It is forty-nine centimeters high and thirty-eight centimeters wide. On the bottom of the picture, on the lower part of the frame, there are some faded texts, unraveled so far: these are waiting to be deciphered by contemporary restoration means.
The second stamp was issued on the 15th of September 2006 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Jewish community of Zagreb. It pictures the facade of the demolished synagogue in Praška Street and Chanukkiyah. The Jewish Community of Zagreb was founded in the year 1806 by the representatives of some twenty Jewish families who have moved and settled in Zagreb about two decades previously.
Both stamps bear a very specific detail that you can find on almost all Croatian stamps : the small red squares that you can find also on the national flag and coat of arms.
The postmark is very clean and very nice.
A very nice cover that I will add to my collection.

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