Monday, October 22, 2007

2007 Rugby World Cup is over

The 2007 Rugby World Cup is now over. South Africa has won the cup, the Web Ellis Cup, by beating England. France has lost, once again against Argentina, during the game for the third place. Once again, I’m a bit disappointed, not really by the defeat, but by the way the French team has played.
Next Rugby World Cup will be in 2011 and will be hosted by New Zealand.

This tournament has been a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to attend to 12 on the total of 48 games. Not bad. There was always a very good atmosphere among the public. I really had a great time.
But this event is also related to philately, since several postal administrations have issued stamps to celebrate it. I have already spoken about some issues from
France and Portugal. But today I would like to show you some other stamps issued for the occasion.The two following stamps have been issued in September by the Romanian post.

Romania has participated to all Rugby World Cup editions, since its creation in 1987. The Romanian team is the strongest one among European teams out of the Six major nations (France, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy). The two stamps picture scenes taken from games played by the Romanian rugby team : the Romanian players are the ones in blue on the 1.80l stamp and the ones in yellow on the other one. Yellow and blue are the official colours of the team. The Romanian team is nicknamed “the Oaks”, and its emblem is an oak’s leaf, which is pictured on both stamps. One thing to be noticed : the 1.80l stamp seems to picture a game between Romania and the springboks, the players of South Africa. Romania has met South Africa only once ! It was on the 30th of May 1995 for the Rugby World Cup held in South Africa. This game was won by South Africa 21 to 8.

Another stamp has been issued in September by Andorra post.

The player carrying the ball on the stamp wears the official jersey of the team of the Principality of Andorra. I did not even know that Andorra had a rugby team !

The last stamp I wanted to show you comes from Bulgaria. Sorry for the small size of the picture. I do not have this stamp yet, so I could not scan it. I took this picture from the web. Bulgaria was not a part of the 20 nations that have played the final part of the rugby world cup. Hence this is rather surprising that this country has issued a stamp for this occasion. I could not find any background information about this issue. If you have any, I will be happy to hear from you.

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