Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1966 FDC from Iceland

Last week, I have shown you a cover sent by Benedikt from Iceland. As I said in this article, he used this cover to send me a FDC from 1966, the year of my birth. Here is the FDC he sent.

Very nice, isn’t it ? The four stamps have been issued on the 4th of August 1966 (I was 2 months old ;-) ) and picture various sceneries of Iceland. From left to right and top to bottom, the places that are pictured are :
- Londrangar : two prominent rocks, protruding from the coast and located on the west part of the island. They are the remnants of a crater, which has been eroded to its present form by the sea.
- Mývatn : a lake situated in an area of active volcanism in the north of Iceland. The lake and its surrounding wetlands have an exceptionally rich fauna of water birds, especially ducks. The lake was created by a large basaltic lava eruption 2300 years ago. The name of the lake comes from the huge numbers of flies to be found there in the summer.
- Mt Bulandstindur : a pyramid shaped mountain reaching 1069 m above sea level and located on the east part of Iceland
- Dyrhólaey : a peninsula located on the south coast of Iceland. It is a former island of volcanic origin.
The stamps are really nice and the postmark, from Reykjavik is very clean (which is rather normal for the first day cancel). Iceland is a country that is fascinating me, and when I see such stamps I really feel like going there to see the sceneries for real !

May be one word also about the rest of the cover. On the left top corner, you can see the coat of arms of Iceland : it pictures a shield, supported by a bull, an eagle, a dragon and a giant. They are the four guardians of Iceland, that are known, according to the legend, to have fought against Danish king to gain the independence of the island. The bull and giant are standing on a basement of basalt representing Iceland.

Below the coat of arms I guess this is the emblem of the Icelandic post, the one that was used at this time (a more modern one is used nowadays). But I’m not sure of this.

Thank you very much for this FDC, Benedikt. I’m preparing some stamps for you, so watch your mail box. I hope I’ll be able to send them soon.

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