Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Songbirds of Venda

I belong to several stamps exchange circuits, which gives me the opportunity to receive stamps from all over the world. I have recently received this set of stamps that I wanted to share with you.
(click on the picture to zoom)
This is a set issued by Venda on the 10th of January 1985 and picturing songbirds of this area. Venda is an enclave located in South Africa. On the 1st of February 1979 it was declared as a self governing entity. On the 13th of September 1979, its independence was pronounced. At this time, Venda started to issue its own stamps, until the 24th of April 1994, where it was re-absorbed by South Africa.
The stamps of the set picture the following species :
- 11c : Heuglin’s robin (Cossypha heuglini euronota)
- 25c : Black-collared barbet (Lubius torquatus torquatus)
- 30c : Black-headed oriole (Oriolus larvatus larvatus)
- 50c : Kunichane thrush (Turdus libonyanus libonyanus)
These are birds species that can be found in this area of Africa. But what I found interesting in these stamps is the musical stave that you can find below the bird. I’m not really a musician, so I’m not able to decipher them, but I guess each stave represents the song of each bird. I think this is a nice idea ! This is the first (and I think the only one) time that I see the song of a bird, represented on a stamp.

Another thing to be noticed on those stamps is the margin. As you see, each stamp is attached to the border of the sheet, where you can find the head of an elephant. This symbol is extracted from Venda’s coat of arms that you can see below. I wonder if all stamps of the top row of the sheet do have an elephant head on the margin, or if there is one per sheet (as a printer mark) and I was lucky enough to get the four stamps with it… Does anybody know

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