Friday, September 07, 2007

Frog on a souvenir sheet from Czech Republic

I have already mentioned several times how much I was impressed by the quality of stamps issued by the Czech Republic. Few days ago, I got an email from Lenka, telling me about the coming issue of a souvenir sheet picturing a frog in the border. Her mail contained a link to the website of the Czech post where I could get this picture.

Sorry the picture is a bit small, I could not yet find a bigger one. The souvenir sheet has been issued on the 5th of September. It pictures an impressive amount of flowers and animals that can be found in the “White Carpathian mountains and orchid meadows UNESCO biosphere reservation”. The White Carpathian were declared a protected landscape area in 1980 and in 1996 they became a biosphere reservation of the UNESCO. They are the highest mountains in the south-west margin of the whole Carpathian system (175 - 970 m above s. l.). The whole area, and more particularly its southern part, has for centuries been cultivated by men. Typical of the local farms are the stylish buildings encircled with little fields and meadows. These include mainly the orchid meadows with orchid and other precious and endangered species of plants.
The souvenir sheet contains four stamps and four labels. There are so many animals and plants pictured on the sheet that I’m not going to give you the complete list. Let’s just mention the one pictured on the stamps (from lowest to highest face value) :

- Ophrys holosericea : which is an orchid belonging to a group referred as the Bee orchids because the shape of their flowers looks like the furry body of bumble bees.
- Colias myrmidon, a butterfly and Anacamptis pyramidalis, an orchid whose flowers have a pyramidal shape
- Ophrys apifera : another orchid from the bee orchids group
- Coracias garrulous, a bird commonly known as the European roller and Gymnadenia densiflora another orchid type

I could not find out (yet) what frog species is pictured on the left bottom corner. But this nice souvenir sheet really gives a good idea of the high variety of the fauna and flora of this area.Thank you again Lenka for the information.

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