Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cover from Iran

Before showing you the cover, let me give you some background information about the way I got it. I am a member of the International Philatelic Society of Joint Stamp Issues Collectors (and I’m also helping maintaining the web site, by the way). This association, that gathers collectors of Joint Stamps Issues, publishes a very interesting journal, four times a year. This journal is sent by email and/or by snail mail to the members. The association has members all over the world. In order to reduce the cost of printing the journal and shipping it, an experience has been made since the last issue : the printing an the shipment is managed by one of the member located in Iran. The cost is drastically reduced, and all members have the pleasure to get a very nice cover from Iran, franked with a big number of large stamps. Here is the last one I got.

(click on the picture to zoom)
As you see the cover has been slightly damaged during the transport, and some of the stamps have been stained a little bit. Let’s start by the stamps of the top row, from left to right.

The first one is a part of a set of two stamps issued on the 15th of April 2003. This is a joint issue between China and Iran. The stamp on the cover pictures the Mosque of Isfahan in Iran, which was built in 1621. The second stamp of the set (not on the cover) pictures the Bell Tower of Xi’an in China, that was built in 1384. Here it is.

This joint issue between China and Iran qualifies as a Twin issue because both countries have issued the stamps at the same time and using the same design.

The second and third stamps of the top row are a joint issue between Iran and Brazil. The stamps issued on the 15th of December 2002 celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations between both countries. The stamps picture Iranian and Brazilian ceramics. Once again, this is a Twin issue, since the Brazilian stamps have the same design and have been issued at the same date.

The large vertical stamp located on the left side of the second row has been issued on the 26th of November 2006 to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the foundation of BASIJ, a volunteer based paramilitary force.
The one located on its right was issued on the 4th if January 2006 to celebrate the Wheat self-sufficiency.

The two identical stamps are part of the definitive series from Iran, picturing butterflies. This one was issued in 2006 and pictures a white tiger (Danaus melanippus). I have already mentioned this series
in a previous article.

And finally the last very large stamp was issued on the 20th of September 2006 to celebrate the 3rd meeting of the ECO postal administration (ECO meaning Economic Cooperation Organization). On the stamp are pictured the flags of the participating countries : Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

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