Friday, September 14, 2007

Chistmas 2007

Yes you read it well, the title of this post is Christmas 2007. It sounds a bit strange to speak about Christmas whereas we are just slowly reaching the end of the summer (for the north hemisphere) ? I agree. But here is the story I want to tell you.

Last week I have received a mail from the Stamp Centre of New Zealand Post (I have subscribed to their newsletter after buying few stamps from their web site) announcing the issue of a set of Christmas stamps ! I thought I had fallen into a time hole, because speaking about Christmas early in September sounded a bit strange for me. What was even funnier is that in the mail, they say that “with Christmas just around the corner” (sic) we should hurry to buy the set of stamps. Wahoo. Christmas is around the corner and we are at the beginning of September ! May be I should think of writing my letter to Santa Claus already ;-)I decided anyway to have a look to this set of stamps, and I was quite pleased by what I saw. Here is a picture of the set of five stamps.

They will be issued on the 3rd of October (a bit more reasonable for Xmas than early in September, but still really early…). The design of the stamps is the result of contest organized among children. 17000 children have participated to this contest, which subject was to draw the symbols of Christmas. Five winners have been selected to issue the final stamps. As you see the result is rather colourful and attractive. Sometimes the link between the stamp design and Christmas is not straightforward (e.g. the beach cricket on $2.00 stamp), but I think this makes them even more interesting. Interesting to see how Christmas is seen through the eyes of the youngest. It reminded me my own youth and what Christmas was for me at this time… so far away ;-)

I rather like the idea of asking children to design stamps, when the subject is appropriate.

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