Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3D special effect on souvenir sheet

Regularly a postal administration issues a stamp featuring a very innovative design or using special effect that makes the stamp different from the others.
A recent example of this is the souvenir sheet issued by Argentina on the 28th of July.The sheet features the Campo del Cielo meteorites. Those meteorites are known to have fallen on Earth 4000 to 6000 years ago. The stamp of the souvenir sheet pictures El Charco, a fragment of meteorite weighing 37 tons ! This fragment (with such a size, can we still call it a fragment ?) was discovered in 1980.

The particularity of the stamp and the stamp sheet is that they appear blurry when watched with a naked eye. But when the stamp is viewed with 3-D glasses, it produces a 3-D effect ! Those special 3-D glasses, having one plastic blue lens and one plastic red lens, are sold together with the sheet, as shown in the picture below.

(I remember that when I was a kid I tried to watch a 3-D movie on TV using similar glasses. The problem is that it works well when you have well balanced eyes, which is not my case. My right eye is much much stronger than the other one. The result was that I saw the whole movie in blue !)

A question popped up to my mind : if you franked a cover with such a stamp, should you include the glasses in the letter, so that the receiver can enjoy the stamp ? Otherwise he will be disappointed to receive a letter with such a blurry stamp ;-)))

This is not the first stamp that is issued using this special effect. A pair of stamps issued by Italy in 1956 to commemorate the admission of Italy into the United Nations, used the same techniques. Unfortunately I could not find any decent scan of those stamps so I can not show them to you.

I’m thinking about writing an article about innovative stamp design. I’m trying to gather some interesting example of stamps that are different by their shape, the material used for their fabrication or by the special effect they include. If you have any interesting information about that I would be happy to hear from you.


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