Friday, August 24, 2007

Origami on stamps (3)

A long time ago I have written here and here about my interest for Origami and about my quest for stamps related to this subject. Due to lack of time, I hadn’t progressed much on this quest. Yesterday, almost by accident, I happened to come across a set of stamps that fits into this subject.

This is a set of stamps issued on the 29th of August 1974 by Solomon Islands to celebrate the centenary of the UPU. Each stamp pictures a famous and impressive Origami item, with the map in the background. Here are some details for each stamp (ordered by face value ) :
· 4c : Postman, adapted from a model by George Rhoads
· 9c : Carrier Pigeon, by Akira Yoshizawa
· 15c : St. Gabriel based on the angel by Neal Elias
· 45c : Pegasus by Isao Honda

My skills in Origami are for sure not at the level of those designs. I’m still fighting with the basic models ;-)

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