Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lakes of Kyrgyzstan

I recently received this souvenir sheet through a stamp exchange circuit, and I must admit that I could not identify immediately the its origin country. After some research I found out that this souvenir sheet has been issued by Kyrgyzstan, a country issued from the former soviet union and that is now a member of the CIS.
The stamps have been issued on the 10th of December 2005 and picture various lakes. From left to right and top to bottom : Chatyrkul lake, Sonkul lake, Sarychelek lake and Issykhul lake. The lest and right border of the sheet give some information about the lakes : surface, altitude and depth.
On the top and bottom margin, some fishes are represented. I guess they are types of fishes that can be found in those lakes. Unfortunately I could not find out what are the four species of fiches that are pictured on the sheet. If somebody knows, he/she is welcome to help me.
I have seen, in my Scott catalogue and one the web, other stamps from Kyrgyzstan. What is strange is that all the stamps I saw bear the name of the country in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, whereas this stamp sheet bears only the name in Cyrillic. I wonder if there is any reason behind… If you are interested by stamps from Kyrgyzstan you can check this

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