Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just to be fair

Yes I have to be fair today. In previous posts, here and here, I have criticized the French post administration because the postal clerk had stuck a REGISTERED label on the stamps of a cover. So today I would like to show you that this is not always the case, and that sometimes the stamps are safe. Here is a registered cover I got from Russia.

As you can see, the label has been put on the verso of the cover, not on the stamps. There was not so much free space on the recto anyway. I’m glad that the cover was not spoiled.

May be a few words on the stamps themselves. The two large stamps on the right top corner have been issued on the 15th of May of this year. They celebrate the 250th birth anniversary of the Russian painter Vladimir Borovikovsky. The stamp on the far right pictures a portrait of the painter, by I.V.Bugaesky-Blagodarmy, painted in 1824. The other one is a portrait of the Gagarina sisters painted by Borovikovsky in 1802.
The small stamp just on the left of the large stamps is part of the definitive issue of 1998. For the specialist, it pictures a class VL65 electric railway locomotive.The set of stamps on the left border are belonging to the definitive issue of 2003. The green one pictures Catherine palace and the statue of Aphrodite. The yellow one pictures the great palace of Petrodoverts and the statue of “Samson rending the laws of the lion” which is a part of the fountain of the palace. I have already shown a cover bearing those stamps


Velu said...

Beautiful stamps they are. :)

Anonymous said...

You're must be really happy, because this registered stamp/seal "З" use ONLY on internal russian mail and mean "Заказное" ("Zakaznoe" = Recommande). Also I saw, that most of your registered covers from Russia have internal code-labels (without letters) by mistake.