Thursday, August 30, 2007

The joy of blogging

When I started this blog I did not know that it would last so long and that it would bring me so much pleasure. One of the biggest joy I have from this blog is the feedback I get from YOU, my readers. I regularly get some comments or emails, providing some additional information, or suggesting a subject for an article, or just giving some encouraging words. Sometimes I get those words through snail mail, and then the joy is even bigger because it gives me the opportunity to get a nice cover. As this is the case for this letter I received from Jose, who lives in Spain (thanks a lot Jose).

This covers is franked with two stamps issued on the 14th of September 2006. This stamp issue is a joint issue between Spain and Portugal and picturing Iberian bridges. I was really happy to get this cover because I’m very interested in joint stamp issues, as you may know if you regularly read my blog.

The 0.29€ stamp (on the left) pictures the “Puente Internacional de Ayamonte”, a bridge inaugurated in 1991. This bridge is located over the Guadiana river. It connects the area of Algarve in Portugal with the area of Andalucía in Spain, helping to bring both countries together.
The 0.57€ stamp pictures the bridge of Alcantara. It was built in the years 105 and 106 by architect Cayo Lulio Lacer. It has six arches looking over the Tajo river. It is 214 meters long and 48 meters high. It bears in the centre an arc of triumph with two marble plaques where features the name of the emperor Trajan to whom it was devoted, and the year it was built.

The Portuguese stamps of this issue re-uses the same design and have been issued at the same date, therefore this joint issue can be classified as a Twin issue.

Once again, thank you Jose and thank you to all my readers.

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