Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Georgia, the cradle of wine ?

(I know, I know… I have been lazy these last days and I haven’t updated my blog. Well in fact because of some unpredicted external circumstances I was not really in the mood for stamps. But now I’m back to stamps, and back to my blog).
Few days ago I have written about wines from Argentina. I got feedbacks from several of my readers. One from India gave me some information about the wines produced by his country. I did not know India was producing wines ! Another reader sent me some information about this souvenir sheet.

It has been issued by Georgia on the 11th of July 2007. Some people consider that Georgia is one of the first area in the world where wines have been produced. It is sometimes referred as the “cradle of wine”. This souvenir sheet pictures a bronze statue from the VII century BC. It was discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Vani. This statue is the statue of a Tamada, a toast master, and as you see on the souvenir sheet it is sometimes considered as the symbol of the earliest wine making in the world. The sheet also pictures amphora that were used at this time to carry and to stock the wine.
“Georgia cradle of wine” is also the name of a national competition that was run beginning of the year to promote Georgian wines. The winner of the competition was offered a replica of the bronze statue pictured on the stamp.


Anonymous said...

Keep writing. I enjoy reading your blog.

Eric from Jura said...

Hello Eric !
I was waiting carefully for your next message !!
As a French wine lover, I find this miniature sheet very surprising !
I knew that Moldova produced some very good wines...I didn't know for Georgia !
A bientôt
PS : be patient, Rugby WC arrives !!!

Anonymous said...

Also Ukraine produce wines. I live in Autonomous Republic of Crimea, so here wines since 4 century A.D.

All past-Soviet people know about Crimean, Moldovian (Transnistrian also), Georgian wines, especially Crimean wines.


Ukraine, Crimea