Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fishes from Taiwan

Yesterday was a day off in France. I took this opportunity to spend some time sorting my stamps and covers, and preparing update of my frog stamps website. The result is that I had no time to write for my blog…For today I have chosen another cover received from a fellow blogger. This time he cover comes from George. Thanks a lot George

This is a nice FDC from Taiwan (actually the cover has been damaged during the transport and it arrived bent in two, but it does not show on the scan). The two stamps are belonging to a set of four issued on the 27th of July 2007. This is the 2007 issue of the Taiwan coral reef fish postage stamps, knowing that a first set has been issued in 2006. As you see, this issue pictures very colourful fishes.
The stamp on the left pictures a fish called Paracanthurus hepatus, commonly known as blue tang. This fish has one or more sharp blades on each side of the caudal peduncle which it sticks out in self defence when in danger.
The stamp on the right pictures a Nemateleotris magnifica, commonly known as fire goby, a very popular aquarium fish.
The two other stamps of the set, not present on this cover, picture the species Balistoides conspicillum and Cetoscarus bicolour.
Have a look also to the very nice first day postmark. You may have noticed also that both stamps bear the inscription “Taiwain” instead of “Republic of China”, as it is the case now for stamps from ROC since almost the beginning of the year.

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