Wednesday, August 01, 2007

First day cover, frogs of Malaysia

Not much time today, because this is hard time at work. We have to prepare 2008 budget, so everybody is running everywhere trying to gather all the needed information, taking into account than more than half of the team is out for holidays… Why do they always choose the time when everybody is out to request the next year budget ? After several years I still wonder…

So today just a short post to show you a FCD I received recently. This is the FDC of the frog stamp issue of Malaysia that I have shown here and here. I really like the frog shaped postmark. Cute, isn’t it ?


Chickenstampy6669 said...

Great issue for you as a frogstampcollector... Very nice stamps and I agree that also the Frogpostmark is great.


FDCGallery said...

Hey i would like to share my collection too. Mine is focussing the first day covers in Malaysia.

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