Monday, August 13, 2007

Cover from Moldova

I have recently received this very nice cover from Moldova from a friend of Eric. This cover made me very happy for two reasons. First one is that this is the first time I receive mail from Moldova ! (one country more in my collection of covers) And the second one is that, as you can see, it is franked with a frog stamp ! So great !

Before speaking about the stamps, I wanted to highlight the very clean cancel from Chisinau (the capital of Moldova). It is very clear, very easy to read and very well placed on the stamps. I would love to be able to get such clean postmarks on the cover I send from France !!!

The two large stamps belong to a set of four issued on the 29th of September 2005. The set is about reptiles and amphibians. The four stamps of the set have also been issued as a souvenir sheet. (You can see the souvenir sheet on the Moldova page of my website The Philatelic Frog).
The stamp on the right pictures a toad. This is a Common Spadefoot (Pelobates fuscus), a rather common toad that has the particularity that when it feels attacked, it exudes a secretion that smells like garlic : hence its other common name : garlic toad.
The stamp on the left pictures a Meadow viper (Vipera ursine) a very widespread venomous viper that can be found from France to China.The last stamp belongs to the definitive series issued in 1992 and pictures the coat of arms of Moldova. Those arms picture a stylized eagle holding a cross in its beak, a sceptre and a branch in its claws. Its chest is protected by a shield that bears the head of an auroch with a sun between the horns, two diamonds, a moon crescent and a five petal flower. You can see a coloured representation of the arms of Moldova
here, on Eric’s blog.

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Eric from Jura said...

Hello Eric,

jolie enveloppe en effet ! je suis presque aussi heureux que toi de découvrir cette lettre ;-))
Tu as raison d'insister sur le fait que les oblitérations de la poste Moldave sont pratiquement toujours d'une grande clareté !
Merci d'avoir fait référence une nouvelle fois à mon blog !
A bientôt !