Monday, August 20, 2007

Cover from Guatemala

I’m back from Marseille. France has won against England ! Once again ! I had a very nice weather and I was lucky enough to travel in the same plane than the French rugby team ! I also got the opportunity to meet Johnny Wilkinson himself (the number 10 of English team), at the airport of Marseille on my way back home. What a weekend !

Well, back to Paris, back to work and back to bad weather ;-) For today I have selected a cover from Guatemala. This is my first cover from this country ! I was not able to find detailed information about the stamps. The only thing I can say is that they were issued on the 12 of December 2006 to celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relationship between Brazil and Guatemala. I could not find any information on what is actually pictured on the stamp.
What is puzzling also is the postmark. I should say the postmarks. Both postmarks are rather impressive. As you see the stamps are cancelled first with a first day cancel. Then there is a second cancel, dated from the 24th of July 2007 (the date when the cover was actually sent). I wonder how this is possible that this letter was sent (and cancelled) in 2007 whereas the stamps were already cancelled in 2006! This is a strange situation that could not occur in France. I wonder how it was possible. If you have any explanation, I will be happy to her from you.

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