Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birds from Argentina

I recently got the opportunity to add some new items to my collection of stamps issued in 1966. Among those items, there were those two stamps from Argentina.

They have been issued on the 26th of March 1966. They are both semi postal stamps (the one on the right is an airmail semi postal stamp) bearing a surtax for the children. Both stamps have been printed on a very thin paper making them rather fragile compared to other stamps issued at the same time by Argentina.
The stamp on the left pictures a Southern Lapwing (Vanellus chilensis, the scientific name written on the stamp is the old name of this bird). It is a common bird widespread throughout South America.
The stamp on the right pictures a couple of horneros (Furnarius rufus), a bird from South America that take its name from the very particular shape of its nest. This bird builds a nest in mud that looks like a wood-fired oven, the Spanish word hornero comes from horno, meaning oven. The nest is used only once, and contains two chambers for the 3 or 4 eggs. An adult hornero is usually sitting on top of its nets to protect the chicks.To be noticed that the hornero is one of the national emblems of Argentina.

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