Wednesday, July 25, 2007

World stamp exhibition, St Petersburg 2007

Several days ago I have received this very nice cover from Russia, and everyday I forget to scan it so that I can put it here on my blog. Hopefully I thought about it yesterday evening, so here it is.

This is a cover sent by Alexander, the blogger of “Used covers”. Thank you very much Alexander for this great cover.
As you can see, the cover is franked with a full mini sheet of eight stamps and a label plus one definitive stamp. This mini sheet has been issued to celebrate the world stamp exhibition that was held in St Petersburg from the 19th until the 25th of June 2007. The stamp pictures the emblem of the exhibition. In the middle of the mini sheet, the label is a reproduction of the first Russian stamp. In 2007, Russia celebrates the 150th anniversary of the issue of its first postage stamp.
The nice postmark is the cancel of the exhibition. And I guess you have noticed, once again, this is an example of the “import” label that is stuck by French post on the stamps (without mentioning the green label put by the local post office, which is also stuck on the souvenir sheet). I agree that there was not so much room to put those labels, but they could have put them on the other side of the cover, as they did for another very nice cover that I’m going to show you in few days.
If you are interested, you can see some pictures of the exhibition on Alexader’s blog :
Used covers.

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