Friday, July 13, 2007

The new seven world wonders (cont’d)

Before the weekend, let me give you some news about the challenge I started on Monday : to find the oldest stamp picturing each of the seven new world wonders.
I’m only half satisfied by the result I reached so far. As you will see I haven’t be successful to identify the oldest stamp for all of them.

Let’s start by the easiest : The Taj Mahal in IndiaThe earliest stamp I could identify picturing the Taj Mahal is a stamp from India issued in 1935 in a set commemorating the 25th anniversary of the reign of George V. Here is a picture of the stamp (sorry it is quite small).

Nice stamp I think. After this Taj Mahal has been pictured on stamps from various countries. I have already shown several in my blog.
Then the Great Wall in China. It has been pictured on a lot of stamps. The oldest one I could identify is a Chinese air mail stamp from 1921 and picturing a plane over the Great Wall. Here is a picture of it.

The Christ Redeemer appears for the first time on a stamp from Brazil I 1934, celebrating the visit of Eugenio Pacelli, who will become later the Pope Pius XII. Here is the stamp.

Machu Pichu and its ruins appears on an air mail stamp from Peru in 1972. I’m not completely sure this is the oldest, but I could not find others before. Here is the stamp.

Petra appears for the first time on a stamp from Jordan, in 1933. The stamp pictures one of the temple of Petra. I was not able to find a picture of the stamp, unfortunately. To illustrate this wonder, I selected a stamp from France, issued in 2005 to celebrate UNESCO world heritage. Here it is.

I was not able (yet) to identify the first stamp picturing the Coliseum of Rome. If somebody can help me I’ll be happy. I found several stamps picturing it, among them a French one, issued in 2002 in the European capitals series. Here it is.

And finally Chichén Itza, the pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization. It does not appear on so many stamps. The first one must be a stamp from Mexico issued in 1938 to commemorate the reconstruction of the edifice of Chichén Itza. I could see the stamp but I could not find a scan to put on this blog. There is another stamp also issued by Mexico in 1969 but again I could not get the picture.

So if you have info to complete or to correct mine, then you are welcome to send me a mail.

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