Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Medicinal plants of India

When I receive a set of stamps or a souvenir sheet from any contact in the world, I like to spend some time to find out information about the issue and the subject. This is what I did this weekend for several stamps that I received recently. My partner in life starts to think I’m a bit crazy, spending hours browsing stamps catalogue and the Web to find information about stamps that do not even relate to my topics for collection.Here is a souvenir sheet that I got from one of the reader of my blog (Thank you again).

This souvenir sheet was issued on the 7th of April 2003. I was curious to learn more about these medicinal plants of India, and to find out what medical virtues they could have.
From left to right, the plants are :

- Commiphora wightii, commonly called Guggul or Guggulu (yes this is the common name ;-) ). This is a small tree that can be fond from northern Africa to central Asia, but that is most common in northern India. It is sought for its gummy resin. Guggul is known to help in curing epilepsy, ulcers, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis. But the main virtue of its gum is to influence the production of cholesterol in human.
- Bacopa monnieri (common name Brahmi) is used for ist leaves that have antioxidant properties. I also read that it has been used in the past to consecrate new born babies to open the gateway of intelligence.
- Enblica officinalis (Amla) is also know as Indian gooseberry. It fruits are edible, are full of Vitamin C. They are used fresh or dried to fight chronic lung problems. They are also known to be good for the heart.
- Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) is also called Indian ginseng. It increases health and longevity by normalizing physiological functions. It is used for its berries and roots. Fresh roots are boiled into milk before being used dried. Ashwagandha means horse’s smell because of the smell of its roots.

Medicinal plants on stamps is an interesting sub-category of flora on stamps. I wonder if some collectors are specialized in this area…


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