Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to spoil a cover ?

For today, I would like to tell you a story. While I was away for my professional trips in Timisoara, Shanghai and Stuttgart, I received a registered letter. As I was not at home, the postman left a note in my mailbox asking me to go to the post office to retrieve the letter. As I was travelling all over the world ;-) I asked a friend to get it for me. This is what he did. And then he called me to tell me that this was a registered cover from Bangladesh ! I was thrilled. I don’t receive mails from Bangladesh so often and even less registered mails. So I was eager to see it when I came back home. And then I was a bit disappointed ! Here is what I saw.

Don’t you think there was a better place to put the sticker than on top of the stamps ? What a pity. What a waste. I mean, someone takes care to select commemorative stamps to put on the cover, and then a postman spoils it by sticking a label on them. Is it to encourage people to stop using stamps ? Or what ?

Let’s speak about the stamps, anyway. On the left part of the cover, you see a band of three identical stamps. This is an issue of 1995 (exact date of issue is 28th of February 1995) to commemorate the National Diabetes Awareness Day. The stamps on the right corner are the two stamps issued on the 18th of September 2000 to celebrate the 2000 Summer Olympic Games of Sydney. Both stamps picture a shot putter : a woman for the 6t and a man for the 10t value. Here is a view of the 6t stamp which is hidden on the cover.

Then the last stamp was issued on the 7th of October 2003 to celebrate the 49th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. I guess the stamp pictures the parliament house, but I’m not completely sure.
Because of the label we don’t clearly see the postmark. It looks rectangular. I did not dare trying to remove the label because I’m sure it would destroy everything.

Now let’s have a word about the label. This was the first time I saw it. What is strange is that this is a French registering number (it finishes with FR). And what is strange is that there is no indication from the origin country (from Bangladesh) about a registering number. The only thing is the indication in the left top corner. So I’m puzzled. Why did the French post put this label on the cover ? Does anybody have an explanation ? I see that Eric, another blogger, had also the experience of this label :
http://timbredujura.blogspot.com/2007/05/courrier-de-la-republika-srpska-rs.html. And even last week I got a letter from Germany, bearing the same label… If somebody knows…


Eric from Jura said...

bonjour Eric,
je comprends ta déception lorsque tu as vu cette jolie lettre...quel dommage, c'est parfois vraiment des abrutis ces postiers....surtout pour coller une étiquette qu'ils ne réussissent même pas à flasher lors du retrait de la lettre...
Je n'ai tjrs pas d'explication concernant son utilité...wait and see

Anonymous said...

That is a import registered mail label. The post office put it on most import registered mail and put the number into the system. There's something like that in Hong Kong too!