Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fairy tales and a request for help

I recently received this set of six stamps from Bulgaria, picturing various fairy tales.

The stamps have been issued on the 17th of Arpil 1964 and they were sent to me because one of them (the one in the top right corner) contains a frog in the design. Fairy tales on stamps is a very good source for my frog stamps collections, because frogs are popular characters in fairy tales.
According to my Scott stamps catalogue the tales that are pictured on the stamps are (from left to right, top to bottom) :
1) The unborn maid
2) Grandfather’s glove
3) The big turnip
4) The wolf and the seven kids
5) Cunning peter
6) The wheat cakeI know quite well the number 4 (I read it hundreds of time when I was a little boy) and I think I know the number 3. But I have no information about the others, and mainly about the number 2 (Grandfather’s glove) which contains the frog in the design. So here comes the request for help : if any of you know anything about those tales, I would be very happy if you could drop me a mail.

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