Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yesterday was a hard busy day and today will be the same. So not much time to think and write about stamps.
For today I just wanted to show you a set of stamps I received last week through a stamp exchange circuit.
This is a set of two stamps, printed se-tenant, issued by China in 1995 to celebrate diplomatic relationship with Thailand. I find these stamps really nice. I have a friend who’s starting a stamp collection about elephants, and I’m sure he will be thrilled to get those ones. I have myself thought about collecting elephants on stamps but I have already so many on going collections that I gave up. Better to help my friend in his own collection !
The only critic I have on these stamps is that I think that when two stamps are printed se-tenant with a continuing design, then there should be no white margins on the other sides. When you separate the two stamps, the design of each stamp then looks a bit strange with white margin only on three sides….

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