Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dogs of Mongolia

Even if this is not the first one (see here), receiving a cover from Mongolia is something exceptional enough to me mentioned. And even more, when the cover is rather nice. So here is a scan of a cover I got few weeks ago through the CCCC.

The two stamps belong to a set issued in 1991 about dogs. This was quite easy to find in my Scott catalogue. I had more difficulties to identify the species of the dogs pictured on the stamps. As far as I could find out, I think the one on the left pictures a poodle and the one on the right a Yorkshire terrier. If there is any dog specialists reading my blog, may be he/she can correct me if I’m wrong.
Mongolia is a country from where I find it extremely difficult to get information about their stamps. And what is strange, is that all covers I got so far from this country were franked with rather old issues. I never got a cover bearing recent stamps. Did any of you have a different experience about this country ? May be I should write to the Union of Mongolian Philatelists, that is advertised on the blue hand stamp put on the cover, to get more information ? I’ll try and I’ll let you know.

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Robert said...

Hi there, I can give you a lot of info on Mongolian Stamps. I have lived in Ulaanbaatar for many years and still sell many Mongolian issues on Ebay. If you want some recent stamps on a cover then I can help you. Postal rates did not change in Mongolia for many years so you could still use stamps from some years ago on your cover. Those dog stamps on the cover are still for sale in Mongolia. However postal rates have moved on, so you would need a number of sheets to make up the postage trequired. Nowadays the rate for a postage card is 400 Tugriks to anywhere in the world.