Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cover from China

Here is a cover I received few weeks ago from China. It was sent by George. Thanks a lot for this nice cover.

First of all, as you can see the cover has been stained a bit on the right side, probably by the rain. It is a pity that the very right stamp got stained also. Nevertheless, the cover looks quite good.

The three bird stamps belong to a definitive series. The one on the left side was issued in 2002 and the two others in 2006 (I think). I find them very attractive. From left to right the birds that are pictured are :
- Biddulph’s ground jay (Podoces biddulphi)
- Chinese Monal Pheasant (Lophophorus lhuysii)
- Taiwan yuhina (Yuhina brunneiceps)

The stamps on the right part of the cover are also definitive stamps, issued in 2002. The full set is about environmental protection. The two stamps here are picturing forest conservation (the green stamp) and conservation of ocean resources (the green and blue).
The postmark is very neat. It makes me jealous, when I see the way stamps are cancelled in France… What is interesting also is the cancel on the two stamps on the far left. It looks like a portion of a big double circle. I haven’t seen such cancel before…

Another thing to mention on the cover is the red T located on the bottom of the cover. The franking of the cover was not sufficient. I counted 5.80 RNB whereas it should have been franked with 6.00 RNB. It was done on purpose by George, to see how the cover would be treated by French post. I guess the 0.20 RNB missing explain the “20” on the upper part of the T, and I guess that the 400 indicate the tax that I should have paid to get the cover. I say “should have” because I did not pay any tax ! I just found it in my mail box. As for the cover from Hungary, it seems the tax sign was ignored by French post.

Anyway thank you again for this cover, George.

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Anonymous said...

hei, eric... ilike ur stamp...very unique..:)