Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cover from Belarus and a bit more…

The list of countries from where I got mails is increasing almost every month. I should really start building a list of countries from where I did not get any mail so far, it will be shorter. Few weeks/months ago I got this cover from Belarus.

As you see it is very simple, bearing only one stamp, but it is rather nice. And look at the very clean cancel from Minsk. The stamp has been issued on the 31st of March 2003 and pictures a house sparrow (Passer domesticus) as “the bird of the year”. The stamp pictures the emblem of the Birdlife organisation (an international organisation that works for the conservation of endangered bird species) in the lower left corner, and the emblem of the APB (Ahova ptushak Belarusi, the Belarusian branch of Birdlife) in the upper right corner. The stamp was issued in sheet of seven stamps with a label. Here is a picture of the full sheet, taken from the Belarusian post website.

If you look attentively to the stamps of the sheet you will see that the stamp located on the lower left corner of the sheet is different from the others. Here is a zoom on this stamp, with its neighbour.

As you see the stamp on the lower left corner does not bear the APB emblem. Is it a mistake or was it done on purpose ? What is strange is that in my Scott catalogue I found only one stamp mentioned, the one with the APB logo. The other one is not mentioned, whereas it is not a variety since it affects all sheets…

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Hey Eric.

Check out my post here for the Indian legend of the Sparrows.