Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Coins datés

Do you know what a “coin date” is ? This is a French expression which means literally dated corner (according to my “Stanley Gibbons - Philatelic Terms Illustrated” (a very useful book) it seems the French expression is also used in English). It applies to a corner bock of stamps that actually denote the date of the printing. This block may contain one or several stamps. They are often seen with block of four. Here is the only one I have and that I got very recently.

You have recognized the Marianne de Cocteau, my favourite “Marianne”. I already wrote about this definitive stamp. The printing date here is the 3rd of May 1965, as you can see on the right bottom corner.
There are some collectors who are specialized in the collection of “coins datés”. They try to find, for a specific stamp, all the possible printing dates. It means that they have to know exactly when the stamp has been actually printed. This must be a hard quest. I do not collect them myself, but I think this is an interesting variant. You may also find some errors (e.g. wrong printing date) or even some varieties. I have the feeling that I saw such dated corners only for French stamps and stamps from former French colonies. Does it mean this is a very “French” thing ? Do we have such “coin daté” in other countries ? I would be happy to hear from you if you have some info about this point.

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Hi Eric,

Great topic! As for your qustions, have a look at my blog entry of 06-07-07!