Friday, July 20, 2007

Bay of Somme

I'm still having a hard time at work, so I did not have time to prepare anything for my blog. Sorry for that. Hopefuly I'm gonna have a three days weekend. I'll go to see my sister, her husband and her two children. I will drive to a small seaside city called Le Crotoy, located in the bay of Somme, in the north west of France.

Here is a stamp issued by La Poste (the French post office) on the 15th of November 1998 that pictures the bay of Somme. A very nice place with large sand beaches. I hope the weather will be good... But before I still have a hard day of work in front of me. So see you next week on Tuesday.


Velu said...

Have a good weekend.

Velu said...

Hey Eric.

Stumbled upon your blog a couple of days back and think its great. I've started a Philatelic blog of my own at and added your link there. I hope that is all right.

Keep up the good work.