Friday, July 06, 2007

Another cover from Hungary

I’m currently enjoying a day off. It’s good after the crazy activity of the previous weeks. I’ll have some time to sort out the covers and the stamps I received recently. For today’s post I have chosen a cover from Hungary that bears an impressive number of stamps : nine stamps, three on the recto and six on the verso. Here it is.

Some words about the stamps. Let’s start by the verso. There are two different stamps. The one with the red cross was issued on the 24th of November 2006 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Hungarian red cross. The other stamp belongs to a set of three definitive stamps issued on the 16th of March 2006. This is the 8th issue of the “Antique furniture” definitive series. This stamp pictures a pair of theatre seats from the Academy of Music and dating from 1900. The same design was used on another denomination issued in 2002 but using a different colour. Here is the stamp issued in 2002.

On the recto side, the stamp on the left second row was issued on the 1st of April 1978 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Communist Youth movement. The stamp pictures the profile of a young man and a young woman, and bears a surtax.
On the top left corner, the stamp belongs to a set of seven stamps issued on the 14th of January 1975 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965). This one pictures hospital supplies arriving by ship, and a portrait of Albert Schweitzer, the famous medical missionary.

The last stamp, on the right corner, is the one that I found the most interesting. This is a case of stamp on stamp. This stamp was issued on the 3rd of June 1975 to celebrate ARPHILA 75, an international philatelic exhibition that was held between the 6th and the 16th of June 1975. This stamp was issued in sheets of three together with a label showing the emblem of ARPHILA 75.
As you see the stamp pictures another stamp : a French stamp from 1964 that was issued to celebrate another philatelic exhibition : PHILATEC. Here is a scan of the original French stamp, that looks better than the reproduction on the Hungarian stamp.

This French stamp was issued se-tenant with a label picturing the emblem of the exhibition (as the Hungarian stamp). This stamp was sold 4F : 1F, the face value, plus 3F for the admission to PHILATEC.

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