Monday, June 18, 2007

Protecting against Earthquakes

I am finally back to an operational state ;-) after two days of rest to recover from the jetlag. And today I’m leaving (again) to Stuttgart, the last part of my professional trip. Then I should be quiet for few weeks/months.I wanted to come back on my trip to Shanghai. When I planned my trip, I was expecting to find some time to go to a post office in order to buy some stamps. But with only three days on site and a lot of things to do, it appeared impossible. But I had a good surprise when arriving at the airport. At Pudong Airport, Shanghai international airport, there are, as in all airports, several shops selling souvenirs to the travellers. Among those shops, there is a shop from China Telecom that sells books illustrated with stamps and coins, complete stamps sets of the past years and stamps folders, sort of presentation pack for some specific issues. I selected one of these folders, that fits into my frog stamps collection. Here is a scan of the front page of the folder.

This is a presentation pack of the stamp issued on the 26th of July 2006 and called Protecting against and Mitigating Earthquakes Disasters. The folder contains one example of the stamp and also a block of four. Here is the block of four.

I have already spoken on my blog about this stamp (I think) and about the seismograph that is pictured on the stamp. The small animals that you see around the main vase are frogs (or toads) this is why this stamp fits into my collection. If you want to know more about the seismograph and the way it works, you can read an article that I wrote about it on my website. This type of seismograph has been illustrated on several stamps from China and also from Macau. I’m preparing an update of my website where I will show all of them.

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