Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pre-Columbian art

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My last purchase on Ebay was this stamp sheet from Costa Rica. I did not find the exact date of issue, but this is a very recent one. The subject of this issue is the Pre-Columbian art from the National museum of Costa Rica. If I understand well the indication in the margin of the sheet, it seems it was issued for a philatelic exhibition organized by the Costa Rica Revenue and Postage Society.
The sheet contains five stamps, each of them depicting a piece of Pre-Columbian art. From left to right and top to bottom we can see :

- a golden jewel having a frog shape : this is the reason why I bought the sheet, because it fits into my frog stamps collection
- a jade jewel having a bird shape
- a sort of stone fresco ?
- a ceramic censer
- a stone statue of a soldier

The margin of the sheet gives some details about each object (in Spanish). Additionally the margin contains the emblem of the exhibition (expo Fila 2007), the emblem of the Costa Rica Revenue and Postage Society, the emblem of the post of Costa Rica and a serial number in red.
A nice sheet that I’m happy to add to my collection.

What is interesting is that the same golden frog jewel has already appeared on a stamp from Costa Rica. Here is a stamp issued on the 4th December 1989 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.

As you see on the left we find the same golden frog than on the stamp sheet, whereas at the right there is a golden coin picturing Ferdinand V and Isabella I.

When I bought the sheet on Ebay, I made some mistake in computing the shipment cost and I paid a bit too much money for it. The seller had the nice idea to pay me back by sending me some very nice registered covers that I will show you tomorrow.

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