Friday, June 08, 2007

Frogs on private post stamp issue

I’m back in France for one day, just before leaving to China. My trip to Romania was nice, very hot weather there. I have been very busy preventing me from updating my blog… I had also no time to spend on stamps. I wanted to go to a post office to try to buy some recent Romanian stamps, but I could not.
Hopefully some readers of my blog keep me informed about the recent issues that could be interesting for me. For example, Karim, from Germany wrote me about a new set of stamps issued by Pin AG, a private mailing service that belongs to the Pin Group located in Luxembourg. According to what Karim said, this is the only mailing service that claims to cover most of all parts of Germany. There are some others private companies that only cover come specific areas of the country. Pin AG has issued this set of stamps and this stamp sheet.

(click on the picture to zoom)
As you see on of the stamp pictures a frog (a cute one !) and this is why it triggers my interest. These stamps have been issued in May during last Essen Stamp Show.

This is interesting to see that more and more private mailing services (or private post) are using pictorial labels for their “stamps”. At the very beginning of the privatisation of the postal service this was not the case. But I guess that private posts, as public ones, have understood that by doing this, they could also get money from stamps collectors… This is always good to take for them!

(pictures are coming from Pin AG website)

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