Monday, June 18, 2007

Enigmatic cover from Hungary

While I’m writing this post I am in Stuttgart, in my hotel room, experiencing a very high speed wireless connection for free. It’s rare enough to be mentioned ! But let’s go back to stamps and philately.I have recently received this cover from Hungary, which is, for me, a bit of an enigma.

First of all I was thrilled when I got it because it was my first cover from Hungary ! Since then I have received another one that I will probably show you in a future post.
Let’s start by the stamp itself. This is an air mail stamp belonging to a souvenir sheet containing four stamps and issued in 1974 for the centenary of the UPU (Universal Postal Union). The stamp pictures Apollo 15. The brownish thing you see on the upper left corner is a part of the UPU emblem : each stamp of the souvenir sheet pictures a part of the UPU emblem that you can see when the four stamps are put together. As far as I have understood the three other stamps of the sheet picture various means to carry mail. The astronauts of Apollo 15 have carried some mails during their mission to create philatelic souvenirs (according to what I have read on the Net, these astronauts have even carried more letters than they were actually authorized by the NASA… they wanted to make extra money from this ;-) !).
Ok, where is the enigma you will say ? Well in the marking. First see the T marking. For me, this marking is used to indicate a tax to be paid because the letter is not correctly franked. I would not be surprised that a stamp from 1974 with a face value of 2.50 Forint is not enough to frank a letter from Hungary to France in 2007. But on the other hand I didn’t pay any tax, I just got the letter in my mailbox as any other letters. So why the T ?Then the second marking is even stranger for me : what does LEVELSZEKRENYBOL means ? I must admit that my Hungarian is not fluent enough to understand… So if any reader of my blog could help me to decipher this cover, he/she will be welcome. Just drop me a mail at or put a comment on this blog. Thanks a lot.

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