Thursday, June 28, 2007

Covers from Costa Rica

I intended to write this post yesterday but could not find the time for it. I wanted to show you three covers I got from Costa Rica when buying the stamp sheet I showed in my previous post.
The first one is the registered cover that the seller used to send me my purchase.

The four stamps on the cover are belonging to a set of ten stamps (!) issued on the 19th of March 2007 about Orchids of Costa Rica. The stamps picture orchids that you can find in Costa Rica and in Central/South America. Clockwise you can find :
- Guarianthe skinneri
- Kefersteinia retanae
- Coryanthes kaiseriana
- Psychopsis krameriana
I’m not at all a specialist of orchids, but I find them rather attractive. I know that there is a huge number of species that are very different from each others. I have an orchid at home that puzzles me by the periodicity of its flowering : sometimes I have flowers twice per year, and sometimes no flower for more than two years !

On this cover I also appreciate the rectangular cancel (it is not so clear on the scan, even on the cover the cancel is very light). This is not very common to have rectangular cancels.

On top of this cover I got two other registered covers that the seller sent me.

As you can see those covers are franked with stamps issued from the set about pre-Columbian art that I mentioned in my previous post. There are some additional stamps : stamps coming from a set issued in 2005 about national parks : one pictures a flower (a Vine leaf passion flower, Passiflora vitifolia) and the other one pictures a butterfly (Dryas iula moderata).
Additionally you see that one of the covers bear an ATM picture a poison frog. I know two different types of ATM from Costa Rica picturing a frog. This one is the most recent one, used since 2005 I think. Here is another type that is was issued in 2003.

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