Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cover from Czech Republic

I have several times mentioned, here on my blog, that I am positively impressed by the high quality of stamps issued by Czech republic. One of the reader of my blog sent me this cover together with a very nice letter (I’m late to answer but don’t worry I will !).

The stamp of this cover has been issued on the 13th of November 1996. It belongs to a still running series about Art on stamps. This one picture a painting called “Breakfast with an egg” by Goerg Flégel. Goerg Flégel is a German painter born in 1566 and who died in 1638. During his life his has painted more than one hundred watercolour pictures, mainly still life picturing meals. If you are interested you can see some of his works by clicking here.
The stamp is recess printed, as all stamps of the Art series. On the scan the stamp looks a bit dark, I think my scanner was disturbed by the intense yellow colour of the envelope. Here is a better image of the same stamp.

As you see the stamp has been cancelled twice : once with a very nice pictorial postmark celebrating the Prague International Marathon. The second cancel is a more standard one. It is a pity that this second cancel is somewhere spoiling the stamp. Never mind this is a nice cover that I’m glad to add to my collection.

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