Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cover from Argentina

Finally I managed to find some free time to update my blog and I also succeeded in configuring my laptop so that the Internet connection of my hotel is working. Shanghai is a fascinating city, I have so many things to discover and so few time… I’m also discovering that the real Chinese cuisine has nothing to do with what you can eat in Chinese restaurant in Paris ! But enough about me, let’s talk about stamps.

Since few days I wanted to share with you this very nice cover I got from Argentina.

As you see the cover bears a complete souvenir sheet on the right side. This souvenir sheet has been issued on the 5th of May 2007 to celebrate the Argentina Toy Industry. The toys that are pictured are : wooden horse, toy tea set, tin train and lead soldiers.
The stamp located on the left of the souvenir sheet has been issued on the 9th of September to celebrate the bicentenary of the creation of the infantry corps “Particios”. The first 'Los Patricios' Infantry Regiment is the oldest regiment in the Argentine Army and is permanently based in Buenos Aires
I could not find any information about the last stamp…
The postmark is quite clear : it seems to come from a philatelic centre so this could be expected.
This is quite rare to see a cover franked with a complete souvenir sheet. A rather nice cover, isn’t it ?

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Eric from Jura said...

salut Eric,
j'ai également visité Shanghai lors d'un voyage en Chine en 2004, je comprends ce que tu ressens en ce moment...
je souhaitais t'éclairer un peu sur le timbre à 25c (flute de pan,je l'ai dans mes albums !) : émis le 26 octobre 2000 ainsi que 9 autres valeurs (de 10c à 5$) de cette série d'usage courant consacrée aux différentes cultures natives d'Argentine. C'est pourquoi ne figure pas l'année d'émission sur le timbre.
Tu as raison, très jolie enveloppe !
bonne fin de voyage !