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Shame on me. I am awfully late to update my blog… But I have some excuses, as you will see. In fact I planned an update on Friday last week, but I had to leave early for a three days weekend to Bordeaux. Then I came back late on Sunday, and I left early this morning, to Timisoara. I’m starting a series of professional trips that will bring me this week in Timisoara for four days, then four days next week in Shanghai, and the week after two days in Stuttgart. While I’m writing these lines, I’m in my hotel room in Timisoara, using a much-too-expensive wifi connection, and sweating heavily : it’s damned hot and wet !

I had prepared some material before my long weekend that I’m going to use now. I wanted, as I did it for Reims, to show you some stamps related to the city of Bordeaux. In fact there are plenty, so I just made a small selection.

In case you don’t know, Bordeaux is a city located in the south west of France, in the Aquitaine, an area very well known because it produces very famous (and sometimes very expensive) wines. If you know something about French wines, you know about Bordeaux. (I know what you think : I always spend my time in area where they produce wines ! This time I was in Bordeaux for the rugby, not for the wine !).But let’s come back to stamps. Let’s start by the coat of arms. Two stamps have been issued picturing the coat of arms of Bordeaux.
The one on the left has been issued in 1941. The one on the right in 1958. If you are interested by the meaning of the coat of arms, here are some details. The leopard is here to symbolise the time when Bordeaux was a British city. Yes, between the 12th and the 15th century Bordeaux was part of the English realm, following the wedding of Eleanor d’Aquitaine with Henri Plantagenet, who became later the king Henry II of England. The fortress symbolises the old city hall, the water pictures the Garonne, the river that crosses the city, the crescent of moon pictures the port of Bordeaux that is called le Port de la Lune (the port of the moon).

(click on the picture to zoom)

This stamp is an air mail stamp picturing a very nice view of Bordeaux from plane. It was issued in 1949. An example of the nice stamps that were produced at this time… Bordeaux has several bridges that cross the river Garonne. Here is a suspended one, called le Pont d’Aquitaine, pictured on a stamp from 1967.

Bordeaux was one of the cities selected to host games of the 1998 Soccer World Cup, so of course a stamp was issued to celebrate this. By the way Bordeaux is also selected to host games of the 2007 Rugby world cup.

And the last, but not the least, another nice stamp that I often used on covers when it was issued in 2004.

This stamp was issued to commemorate the inauguration of the tram that made a lot of debate when it was opened. Works to build the tram have provoked a lot troubles in the city for the circulation of cars (and it is still the case because the tram is being extended…) on top of some technical difficulties that delayed it’s opening. But the tram is now very useful to travel across the city.
This is only a quick selection of few stamps. Bordeaux is really a nice city that you should not hesitate to visit if you have the opportunity.

By the way, the picture used on this post (and some others) are coming from the excellent web sites PHILA ECHANGE and PHIL-OUEST that I recommend to you if you are interested in French stamps.

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