Monday, May 14, 2007


As you may have understood from my blog, I have had the opportunity to receive covers from a lot of various countries. My collection of nice covers is growing impressively (and is taking more and more space in my small flat ;-) ).Singapore is one of the countries from which I hadn’t received any cover so far. I recently got this one, after the purchase of some stamps on Ebay. The seller had the nice idea to put nice stamps on his cover to send me my purchase. As this is a registered cover, it bears some high face value stamps.

The biggest stamp (the one on the right) belongs to the Singapore-Japan joint issue from 2006 and pictures flowers and birds of the four season. The full set of this issue contains six stamps.

The stamp on the left belongs to the definitive series of 2002 picturing tropical fishes. This $1 stamp pictures a couple of Blue Turquoise.
The last stamp, belongs to a set issued in 1997 about ground transport : it pictures an electric tram.
A rather nice cover isn’t it ?

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Kevin said...

Do you swap covers?