Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New issues from Royal Mail, and a new blog

As announced yesterday, I’d like to show you some of my purchase during my holidays in London. Even if I hadn’t much time to deal with stamps I took this opportunity to go to a post office to check the stamps that were available. I was lucky enough to find a post office with a philatelic corner where all the latest issues were available, mainly in the form of presentation packs. I bought some of them, including this one, which was issued on the 15th of May.

As you see on the scan of the presentation pack, this stamp issue is very colourful. According to the text included in the pack, this issue is meant to “celebrate some icons of the classic seaside holiday”. Each stamp is supposed to picture something that represent our vision of a day spent at the seaside. As far as I’m concerned I think that the ice cream cone, the sand castle, the beach huts and the deckchairs are a good choice. The carrousel and the donkeys are, for me, more questionable as representative of the seaside.
I also bought some other new issues that I don’t show you here, and I even used some stamps from the “sea life” issue to send a cover to some of you. Hoping that they will come with a not too bad cancel, knowing the bad reputation of Royal Mail about cancellation of special stamps…
I also made a visit to the Stanley & Gibbons shop located on the Strand. I bought there this first day cover.

As you see this is the first day cover of the miniature sheet issued on the 17th of May to celebrate the re-opening of Wembley stadium. For those who don’t know, Wembley stadium is a very important place for football. Often referred as the home of English football, Wembley is a stadium that was first constructed in 1923 and that has hosted, among other events, the final of the 1966 Soccer World Cup won by England against West Germany. In 2000 the stadium was closed for refurbishment. It has just re-opened, offering now 90000 seats, making it the second largest stadium in Europe (the largest one being… in Barcelona). The souvenir sheet pictures some English definitive stamps and the Crowned lion special stamp. The sheet also pictures the arch of the new stadium which is rather impressive. The new stadium was officially inaugurated on Saturday the 19th of May (after some delay compared to the original planning, leading to a delay also in the issue of the souvenir sheet !) for the FA cup final that I had the opportunity to watch on TV during my holidays.

To conclude I would like to invite you to visit a new philatelic blog if you can read French. It is managed by Eric from Lyon. You can check it at
http://timbredujura.blogspot.com/Welcome Eric in the bloggers’club.


Adrian said...

Hi Eric,
Yes, finally Royal Mail hit the nail with these bright summer stamps! As far as the donkeys are concerned: they were an important part of "beach life", with kids getting a donkey ride along the beach. You still see them around, although I must admit the ones I've seen are not as healthy and happy looking as these two.

Eric from Jura said...

Bonjour Eric,
Merci beaucoup pour ton message et l'ajout de mon blog dans tes liens ! c'est très sympa ! je suis en train de réfléchir pour créer une version en anglais de mon blog, comme le blog de SebPhilatelie par exemple...on verra. c'est vrai que ça peut être bien de viser un plus large public !
encore merci Eric !
un autre Eric...