Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new cover from Gibraltar

Back to a more traditional post (I mean with pictures) since the upload function in blogger seems to be back to normal.
For today I have selected a cover that I received recently from Gibraltar and sent by Angel, the blogger of Send me a cover. Thank you very much Angel.

(click on the picture to zoom)
As you see the cover bears two stamps, one of the stamps having a part of the margin of the sheet still attached. But I’ll come to that. First let’s speak about the stamps.
Both stamps belong to a set of four issued on the 15th of September 2003 to celebrate to enlargement of the EU. At a first glance I was surprised to see stamps picturing flowers to celebrate the enlargement of EU… but then, after a second thought I understood that the flowers pictured on the stamps must be the national flowers of each new country entering the EU. Some search on the web confirmed my guess except may be for one country.
The stamp located on the right side pictures :
- the daisy of Latvia
- the corn-flower of Estonia
- the rue of Lithuania
The stamp on the left pictures :
- the corn poppy of Poland
- scented thyme of Czech Republic (this is where I have a problem, because I found on the web that the national flower of Czech Republic was the rose… if somebody knows..)
The other stamps of the set picture : the tulip of Hungary, the carnation of Slovenia, the rose of Cyprus and the Maltese centaury of Malta.

Each stamp of the set has been issued in sheet of ten, with a decorated margin. On each sheet the margin pictures a part of Europe including the new countries, each country being illustrated by a famous monument. Here is the complete sheet from which the stamp of the cover is extracted.

France is illustrated by the Eifel tower. It is funny to see how the Eifel tower has become a symbol of Paris and of France all over the world. When you think that it was built for the “Exposition Universelle” of 1889 and was supposed to be dismantled later… Hopefully they did not do it, it is now the most visited site in France !

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