Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

“British stamps are the best in the world” ! This affirmation comes from an interview of the Royal Mail’s director of Stamps and Philatelic business that I read in the May issue of Stamp Magazine. He even adds : “Overseas postal authorities are highly envious of the quality of our research and design”. Well, well, well. I wonder if British stamps collectors would agree with such statement. I remember having read so many complains from British collectors in various philatelic publications that I don’t think they share his views. Complains about stamp design seems to be a very common thing, these days : in France, in Great Britain, in USA, in Australia… people seem to complain about the high number of issues and the low quality of the design… What is worrying in the interview of Stamp magazine, is that the guy speaks about stamps only as marketing products. Well, aren’t they a bit more than that ?
I would be happy to get testimony from collectors from other countries to see what they think of the design of the stamps form their own country. For instance, I know I have some readers in Asian countries, I would be glad to hear from them. Drop me an email, or let a comment here, this will be great !

In the same issue of Stamp magazine, there is an interesting article that asks the question : when is the last time you looked at your stamp collection ? The article underlines the paradox of many philatelists : we value a lot our stamp collection, we even miss them when, for any reason, we have to sell or give some of them. But how much time do we spend actually looking at them ? Think about it…

So no stamp pictures today (in fact blogger seems to be out of service for the picture download so I can not show you anything…). I’m preparing my holidays… but more on that tomorrow.

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