Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A cover from India, and a scented souvenir sheet

When I came back from holidays I had the pleasure to find my mail box full of mails. Of course there was a lot of junk mail and also some invoices to pay. But fortunately, there was also a lot of nice covers, bearing nice stamps and coming from all over the world. In the coming days I’m going to share some of them with you.For today I have selected a cover from India, sent by a reader of my blog.

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As you can see, the cover is a postal stationary on which two stamps have been added. The stamps are issued from the set about endangered birds that I have already presented in a previous post. Inside the cover I could find two souvenir sheets. One is the souvenir sheet bearing the Sandalwood scented stamp : the first scented stamp from India that I already mentioned. The second sheet is this one.

This is a souvenir sheet issued on the 7th of February 2007 and entitled “Fragrance of Roses” (the four stamps have also been issued separately). As you see each stamp pictures a different type or rose. On the stamp we can read : Bhim, Delhi princess, Jawahar and Neelam. I guess these are the names of the species that are pictured, but I’m not sure, as I’m clearly not a specialist of flowers…
As you can imagine, each stamp bears a very nice perfume of rose ! A very strong one. I can tell you that when I opened the cover, with the perfume of the Sandalwood mixed to the perfume of roses, it gave a very impressive feeling !
Another thing to mention : on this souvenir sheet you can find the same principal than the one used on the endangered birds souvenir sheet : the border of the sheet re-uses the design of the stamps but with very pale colours.

Thank you very much for this cover and these nice souvenir sheets.

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Montu said...

Dear Eric You will find one more such Scented stamp from India Post in this year.

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