Friday, May 11, 2007

2007 The year of biology

2007 has been designated as the year of biology by the South Korean government in the effort to promote the significance of biology and to elicit the Korean people interest in it. At this occasion, the post office of South Korea has issued a stamp and a souvenir sheet on the 19th of March.
Here is the souvenir sheet that I recently bought and that I received yesterday in my mail box.

I guess that you can understand why I bought this stamp : it pictures a frog in the background. On top of the frog silhouette, the stamp pictures a chromosome, some piece of DNA and other animals. Appearing on the background of the small sheet to show animal lineage (origin and evolutionary process) are paramecium and euglena, hydra, squid, earthworm, butterfly, starfish, fish, salamander, turtle, crane, eagle, dog and the human being.

I also bought a block of four stamps and I was thrilled when I saw it.

As you can see, in the illustrated margin of the block there is also a small frog! This was a very good surprise that I did not really expect.

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