Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rodents from Czech republic

I do not have much time today to write anything long in this blog, but I wanted to show you a cover I got recently from Czech republic.

It bears two stamps from a set of four issued in 1991 about rodents. The two stamps picture a Garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus, on the bottom) and a Northern birch mouse (Sicista betulina, on the top). I wonder if there are some people who collect rodents on stamps ? I not so sure there are so many stamps on this topic.
This cover makes me think about an article I recently read in the French philatelic press, where they underline the (still) strong tradition of engraved stamps in Czech republic. I had noticed it myself, and I am always positively impressed by the high number of engraved stamps issued by this country, even in the recent years. A lot of other countries (including France) should follow this example. I’m sure there would be less complains from the stamp collectors about the low quality of the stamps issued by their homeland.

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