Friday, April 06, 2007

Iris on stamps, tabs and more

So here we are, on the edge of a new three days weekend, thanks to Easter. I’ll have plenty of time to deal with my stamps, and to be able to answer to all the mails I got so far. I recently received a lot of emails from some of you, don’t worry I will answer soon, I’m just extremely late in this…

For today I chose a set of stamps that I scanned some times ago but that I did not yet show on my blog up to now. This set comes from Israel and was issued in 1978. The stamps picture three types of Iris that can be found in Israel, and that belong to protected species : Iris lortetii, Iris haynei and Iris nazarena.

A nice set of stamps for people who collect flowers on stamps, isn’t it ? The particularity of the stamps from Israel is the tab. Since 1948, Israel almost systematically issues stamps with tabs attached. The tab is usually used to give information (as on this set), but can also contain pictorial element to enhance the design of the stamps. As you can see on the stamps of this cover I got recently.

I think Israel is the only country doing this. Some other countries have issued, from time to time, stamps with illustrated tabs, but Israel is the only one to do it systematically. I wonder why ? If you are interested in stamps from Israel, the following web site gives a lot of information about all commemorative stamps issued since 1948 :

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